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Urine diverters for composting toilets

The urine diverter is the heart of your composting toilet. Due to the effective separation of solid and liquid waste, an absolutely odor-free toilet use is made possible and you can remove and dispose of the toilet waste cleanly and hygienically.

Urine diverters and DIY sets

3 products
3 products
  • Composting toilet insert

    The ideal solution for all those who want to build their own composting toilet.
    ⬤  Ready to ship
    2 - 4 days
  • DIY Set Small

    DIY set with small containers for building your own composting toilet.
    ⬤  Ready to ship
    2 - 4 days
  • DIY Set Large

    DIY set with large containers for building your own composting toilet.
    ⬤  Ready to ship
    2 - 4 days

How does a urine diverter from TROBOLO work?

Our separation inserts ensure a safe separation of solid and liquid waste inside your composting toilet. Our separation inserts are the heart of our TROBOLO composting toilets and are also ideal if you want to build your own dry toilet.

TROBOLO composting toilet insert (grey)

What are the advantages of using a urine diverter in a composting toilet?

  • Self-sufficient toilet use without electricity, water and chemicals.
  • Competent separation of solid and liquid excreta
  • Absolutely odorless in operation
  • Compatible with any standard toilet seat
  • Unique adaptor system with filter screen
  • Easy emptying of the solids and liquids containers
  • Hygienic disposal of toilet waste
  • Composting of toilet waste possible
TROBOLO gray composting toilet insert – top view of the toilet inserted in the toilet

Build your own composting toilet with TROBOLO DIY sets, inserts, and more.

We have the ideal accessories for you to build your own composting toilet. With our DIY sets, composting toilet inserts and other accessories, you can tailor your choice to your individual needs and get exactly what you want.

Still need inspiration or help with planning? Use our detailed guide to build your own DIY composting toilet.

Ecological responsibility Ecological responsibility

Quality urine diverters out of conviction

So that you can use your composting toilet with a clear conscience, we use environmentally friendly and durable materials in the manufacture of our products.

Our composting toilet inserts are made of durable plastic that is 100% recyclable. Separating the excreta eliminates the need for chemicals and water, thus protecting the environment. Electricity is only needed to a small extent, if at all, namely when an electric exhaust system is used.

Those who decide to compost the solid excreta and use the liquid excreta as natural fertiliser are acting in a particularly sustainable manner. Alternatively, the solid waste, like used diapers, can be disposed of in the household waste and the liquid container emptied in a regular toilet.

Don’t feel like building your own? Here you can find our prefabricated composting toilets as an alternative.