Diverting towards change

We aim to guarantee a sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable toilet solution for everyone. By offering our TROBOLO composting toilets we would like to make this water-saving and odorless way of going to the toilet available to as many people as possible around the world. On top of that, we place particular emphasis on maintaining high quality standards and meeting the expectations of our customers in terms of comfort.

We are committed to using resources sparingly and efficiently, starting with production, waterless and chemical-free use, all the way to recyclability of our products at the end of their use. In doing so, we show our deepest respect for nature, our planet and all the creatures that live on it.


Welcome to TROBOLO

We are taking you to our production facility in the beautiful city of Poznan, Poland. The region is known for its long tradition of wood craftsmanship and is the birthplace of all TROBOLO composting toilets for this very reason. Every day, our team of carpenters, joiners, designers, logisticians and shipping experts ensure the high-quality wood processing that is very close to our hearts. Equally important to us is the resource-saving handling of all packaging materials and the use of sustainable wood from the EU in the manufacture of our products. Let us know if you are in the vicinity guests are always welcome.


This is our TROBOLO

Using a TROBOLO composting toilet while travelling saves you the hassle of searching for the nearest toilet. Your TROBOLO is always with you and ensures odorless and sustainable disposal thanks to its separation of solids and liquids when using the toilet. Whether in a mobile home, garden shed, backyard garden or on a houseboat – a TROBOLO provides absolute autonomy and works even without water or electricity.


The brain behind TROBOLO

Our company founder Friedrich Lange knows the challenge of disposing of toilet waste in an environmentally friendly way from his own experience. For years, he travelled across Europe and Africa in his “Emma”, a Mercedes 809 that he had converted himself. Although the landscapes, the climate and the cultures changed from country to country, one thing always remained the same: the problem of going to the toilet and the ecologically correct disposal of one’s own waste.

Sustainability is everyone’s job

Living and travelling in a camper van is still one of my greatest passions. I just wanted to be self-sufficient and completely free, to explore foreign cultures and at the same time reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. Thus, I had to find a simple and practical solution to the question of an eco-friendly toilet – and that’s how the first TROBOLO prototypes were created in 2010, made from recycled scrap wood at a campsite in the south of France.

Friedrich Lange


Founded in Lower Saxony, located in Europe

You can easily order our TROBOLO composting toilet online. A few days later, it will be delivered directly to your home. Since our TROBOLO production is based in Poznan, Poland, we can guarantee fast and climate-friendly transport throughout Europe.