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Composting toilets by TROBOLO

Experience comfortable and hygienic toilet use everywhere. Simple, self-sufficient and sustainable. That’s TROBOLO. A clean solution.

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How our composting toilets work

Get to know our environmentally friendly TROBOLO composting toilets and their advantages now in the explanatory video.

Founder of TROBOLO Friedrich Lange

Independence thanks to TROBOLO

The challenge was to develop hygienic and comfortable toilet systems that meet the highest demands, even in locations where this seems impossible. With our TROBOLO composting toilets, our team has succeeded in developing an autonomous and sustainable solution for your daily basic needs without sacrificing the comfort you’re accustomed to.

Friedrich Lange

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Rebecca W.
We bought the Wandago toilet for our van at the beginning of spring on the recommendation of a friend and we are more than happy. Construction as well as the first emptying were easy. Being able to change the seat-height is a great feature. Travels everywhere we go now and don’t want to miss it. Can highly recommend.

Garret A.
We have been using this composting toilet almost daily since the beginning of April 2018 and are very satisfied with it. The system is ingenious and easy to handle. What more could you want! No consumption of water, but free fertilizer, which we, but also our plants in the garden, are happy about. It is a pity that this product did not exist before. We can fully recommend this toilet. Thanks to the developers.

Ann H.
To be honest, I was a little sceptical at first whether it would really work. But what can I say? It’s better than I expected. There is absolutely no odor whatsoever. It’s funny that something like this hasn’t been around for a lot longer, because then we wouldn’t have had to buy expensive chemicals for the chemical toilet over the years. By the way, we have disposed of that by now... So thanks again for the great idea!

Chris P.
I have owned a composting toilet for about 4 months and I am completely satisfied. I use it as an indoor toilet without exhaust air and it works wonderfully, without unpleasant odors. In the beginning I had some doubts, but these were quickly dispelled. A big praise to the manufacturers, great workmanship and quick feedback in case of questions!

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Women on a composting toilet
Women on a composting toilet
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Family camping trip Composting toilet
Man building his own DIY toilet trobolo.official
Composting toilet from TROBOLO in a garden
Happy customer of our TROLOBO WandaGO mobile toilet
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TROBOLO WandaGO composting toilet in the trunk
TROBOLO WandaGo composting toilet outsite


Your advantages with TROBOLO

Odorless separation system

Odors are effectively prevented and reduced to a minimum by separating the urine from solid excrements.

Hygienic usage

Using a TROBOLO is just like using a regular toilet. The separation system functions without any contact so that the body only comes into contact with the toilet seat.

No water

By eliminating the need for water flushing, the TROBOLO system prevents generation of waste water and thus protects the environment.

No chemicals

Due to the TROBOLO separation system, the use of chemicals is unnecessary. Human excrements do not become hazardous waste, which would require cost-intensive and environmentally harmful disposal.

Easy disposal

The TROBOLO separation system enables separate disposal of solid and liquid precipitates. Like used diapers, solid waste can be disposed of together with inlays. The external liquids tank is emptied as waste water.

Sustainable processes

All TROBOLO products are developed in Germany, manufactured in the EU and are subject to the strictest quality controls.