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RV toilets without installation? The underrated top choice!

Planning a camping trip in your RV and the installed toilet doesn’t quite meet your needs? Whether your RV toilet is hard to empty, malfunctioning, or nonexistent altogether – repairing it or installing a new one can be complicated. Luckily, there is an easier solution: portable RV toilets!

Portable RV toilets might be one of the most underrated solutions, yet for many they are the key to a stress-free, enjoyable experience on the go. All you have to do is place them in your RV, hit the road and use them whenever nature calls.

Are portable RV toilets the right fit for your needs? Let's find out by weighing their pros and cons.


Pros and cons of portable RV toilets

Opting for a portable toilet without installation might sound unusual at first. However, rest assured that you don’t necessarily need an installed toilet in your RV, especially if you choose a portable RV toilet from TROBOLO. Our products improve virtually all aspects of mobile toilet use, featuring a reliable separation mechanism that separates solid and liquid waste into two different containers. Here’s a breakdown of the most important benefits of our RV toilets, followed by the main disadvantages. Use this information to decide whether our toilets are right for you.

TROBOLO WandaGO is a portable toilet solution for RVs


Advantages of TROBOLO RV toilets

  • Easy to use: Our portable RV toilets can be used just like any other toilet. Simply sit on them, use them as usual and let the anatomically designed urine diverter automatically separate faeces and urine without any additional actions required.
  • Odorless: Thanks to the separation mechanism, odors are drastically reduced. Adding some litter to the solid waste after use can even eliminate unpleasant odors entirely, ensuring 100% odor-free toilet use in your RV.
  • Hassle-free emptying and disposal: Unlike emptying the black water tank of an RV or a chemical toilet, emptying our portable RV toilets is super easy. Just open the toilet from above, remove the separate liquids and solids containers hygienically and easily, and close them with the provided airtight lid for safe transport or disposal.
  • No installation needed: All you have to do is put the toilet in your RV. If you drive a VW California, Mercedes Marco Polo or Ford Nugget you can even place our toilets in the toilet compartment. Otherwise anywhere else in your RV will do.
  • Absolute independence: Our toilets require no water, chemicals, or electricity to function. While litter can be used for odorless use, it's not a necessity. If you opt not to use litter, just ensure to empty the solids container more regularly.
  • Size and weight: Designed for mobility, our RV toilets are compact and lightweight for ease of use. This makes it not only easy to find space for them, but even allows you to easily move them around and use them wherever you want in- and outside of your RV. The TROBOLO WandaGO Lite weighs only 7.3 lb for example!

Independence with a RV toilet from TROBOLO


Disadvantages of RV toilets

  • Seat height: Some of our products may not be suitable for those who prefer a higher seat height. However, our TROBOLO WandaGO features a unique stacking function for minimal transport dimensions and adjustable seat height to cater for all preferences.
  • Container size: The liquids and solids containers in our RV toilets are much smaller than typical black water tanks, requiring more frequent emptying. However, the ease of emptying and disposal offsets this inconvenience.
  • Sitting is required: To allow the separation mechanism to work effectively, sitting down when urinating is necessary. While this may feel unfamiliar to some men, it's worth noting that sitting down is actually healthier in many ways.

TROBOLO TeraGO composting toilet in front of RV 


Portable RV toilets in a nutshell

When it comes to RV toilets, our composting toilets with separating mechanism offer some significant advantages. Not only are they simple to use and virtually odorless, but their ease of emptying and disposal is unmatched. What's more, these small, lightweight toilets don't even require installation; just store them wherever you have space. On top of that you enjoy the convenience of complete independence from water, chemicals, or electricity.

Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll gladly advise you on your individual situation.

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