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Off-grid toilets - Your guide for self-sufficient toilet use

If you want to live off the grid or simply value high levels of independence, an off-grid toilet might be the ideal sanitation system for your needs. This toilet system requires neither water, chemicals nor electricity, which means you can enjoy absolute autonomy at any moment and any location. The ease of use and simplicity have made off-grid toilets a preferred choice not only for off-grid houses, but also RVs, allotment gardens and even boats. Let’s have a closer look at what an off-grid toilet is, how it works and which benefits it brings about.

What is an off-grid toilet?

Per definition, an off-grid toilet is a sanitation system that can be used independently of centralized structures. Therefore, neither a connection to the sewage system nor to the electricity network are needed. Instead, off-grid toilets are self-contained systems that can be placed and used virtually anywhere.

Many off-grid toilets don’t even require a permanent installation, which means you can use one toilet for several purposes and at various locations. For example, you can place your off-grid toilet in your bathroom when at home, and just pack it in your van or RV when you go on a longer trip where you would like to have your own toilet close by.

Off-grid toilet next to RV

Due to their simplicity, off-grid toilets are typically a cost-effective purchase. And since no water, electricity or chemicals are used, operating costs are even lower compared to alternative options.

But how do off-grid toilets actually work? That’s something we’ll answer in the next section.

How our off-grid toilets work

Our off-grid toilets are so comfortable that you might not even notice the difference to a regular toilet at first. But don’t let the ease of use fool you, there is much more than meets the eye.

A standout feature of our TROBOLO off-grid toilets is the urine diverter. The urine diverter ensures the automatic separation of solid and liquid waste each time you use the toilet. Solid waste is directed into an inlay within the solids container, while liquid waste flows into a designated liquids container.

This clever separation mechanism makes waste removal super easy. To remove the containers, all you have to do is simply lift the top of your toilet and reach for the container you wish to empty. Both solids and liquids container can be closed securely with a lid for safe transport to the waste disposal destination.

When it comes to waste disposal, you have multiple options. The inlay with solid waste can be disposed of in household waste. If you prefer, you can even compost your solid waste. In this case please make sure that you use our compostable inlays. Once the liquids container is full, its contents can be poured into a regular toilet or diluted with water and used as natural fertilizer for ornamental plants.

Besides facilitating waste disposal, the separation mechanism significantly reduces odor formation. Adding a bit of natural litter to the solids container after use can entirely prevent unpleasant smells. The liquids container of the TROBOLO WandaGO and TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is always shielded from odors thanks to the unique TROBOLO SafeShell System®.

In the next section, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the numerous advantages of our off-grid toilets.

Off-grid toilet next to man with dog


Off-grid toilet advantages at one glance

To maintain clarity and organization, here's a concise list summarizing the advantages of our off-grid toilets:

  • Maximum autonomy: Our off-grid toilets are self-contained systems that don’t require water, chemicals or electricity. Therefore you are 100% independent and can use them anywhere you like.
  • Budget-friendly: TROBOLO toilets come at a fair price, while also boasting low maintenance costs and long product life, saving you from frequent replacements and additional expenses.
  • Flexible: Our products are compact, lightweight, and require no permanent installation. This means you can effortlessly transport and use them wherever and whenever you need them, providing unparalleled convenience and adaptability.
  • Comfortable use: Our off-grid toilets offer the same level of comfort as traditional toilets. For optimal comfort, we recommend our TROBOLO WandaGO model, which features a stacking function that allows for increased seat height, ensuring a comfortable experience for users of all preferences.
  • Easy emptying and waste disposal: Easily remove containers by lifting the top of the toilet, then securely close them with lids for transport. Dispose of solid waste in household waste or compost, and pour liquids into a regular toilet or dilute them for use as natural fertilizer.
  • Odorless: The separation mechanism naturally minimizes odors. Moreover, our unique TROBOLO SafeShell System® keeps the liquids container odorless at all times. Additionally, the use of litter effectively prevents unpleasant odors from forming in the solids container, further enhancing the overall experience.
  • Hygienic and clean: Our off-grid toilets ensure a hygienic experience as you never come into direct contact with excrements, and cleaning is easier compared to traditional toilets. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe surfaces whenever necessary to maintain a clean and sanitary environment.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduce your ecological footprint with our off-grid toilets, which conserve resources by eliminating the need for chemicals or water. And with their long product life, there's no need for replacements, ensuring lasting environmental benefits.


Off-grid composting toilet in the trunk of a camper van


Are our off-grid toilets right for you?

TROBOLO off-grid toilets provide a sustainable and convenient alternative for those seeking independence from centralized infrastructure. With features like automatic waste separation, easy waste disposal, and odorlessness, our products ensure a hygienic and comfortable experience. Moreover, you can minimize your ecological footprint, as our toilets are built to last and don’t require any harmful substances.

Still have questions? Get in touch with us and let us help you out!

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